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The incloud platform is a IoT-enabled Geospatial platform, it is an integrated platform composes of open and closed source softwares in IoT, Geospatial and AI areas, and works on International open standards. It also consumes data from open Government datasets (, OpenStreetMap and client's private business data. Industry solutions and public applications will be built on top of the incloud platform for different purposes e.g. environmental monitoring, logistics, transportations, retails, real estates, smart cities and many more.

incloud IoT

Connect your IoT devices to incloud platform using lightweight MQTT protocol or HTTP open standard such as SensorThings API, and access live and historical data from your applications.

incloud Geo

Create map applications to visualize your data on map and analyse your data in geospatial context. incloud geo is built on open source geospatial frameworks such as Leaflet, GeoServer and Graphhopper. For application such as mapping the air quality with data collected from sensors or tracking moving vehicles and assets.

incloud AI

Analytics extension of the Geo and IoT using open source machine learning engine such as Optaplanner and Jsprit, to analyze the data collected from your devices. For applications like vehicle routing and job dispatching.

Becoming incloud partners

incloud partnership program is a win-win and value-driven relationship. Join the incloud ecosystem to develop great applications for customers.


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